When it comes to running your business in the most effective manner, you need to manage and utilise technology. This means modern businesses are reliant on a technological infrastructure that allows them to utilise their working environment to the best possible effect.

With aspects like computerisation, security access systems and building management systems having the power to paralyse a company if an issue arises, modern day workplaces need to be in complete control of their facilities.

These systems and mechanisms offer comfort and security in the workplace but a problem could prevent a company from operating, which is why you need assistance from Pentagon Facilities.

Business maintenance is one of the key services that we offer but our many clients benefit from a wide range of “front of house” services. At Pentagon Facilities, we provide an extensive range of services including cleaning, security guard services and catering in addition to the more familiar facilities management services.

We provide a dedicated service

We offer a dedicated facilities management team who will be on hand to manage installations and systems to a required level. Many businesses are reliant on so much work behind the scenes that a failure with these issues would see companies grinding to a halt.

With the support of Pentagon Facilities, you can concentrate on your key services, confident that we provide you with the platform that allows you to achieve success.

We are more than happy to offer you a bespoke service. At Pentagon Facilities, we listen to your requirements and will create a proposal tailored to your needs.

We aim to provide you with a solution that enhances your workplace and workforce, allowing you to concentrate on your key roles and responsibilities.

Some of the key reasons you should rely on Pentagon Facilities include:

  • We offer a high standard of service that can be utilised across your workforce and workplace
  • Our support can help you to reduce costs while benefiting from our efficient services
  • Minimise risk in the workplace by hiring a professional firm that is skilled in security, safety, quality and environmental standard matters
  • You benefit by utilising their staff in key roles and by focusing on your main tasks.

When you need assistance managing the factors that help your business to operate as normal, rely on Pentagon Facilities.

  • Document Management
  • Latest Technology and Support to maximise efficiency, productivity and cost savings
  • IT Services. Hosted and Cloud, Support and Maintenance
  • Telecom Services. Hosted, Voip, Mobiles
  • Security Services. CCTV, Alarms, Monitoring
  • Vehicle Tracking Services
  • Air Conditioning Services, Commercial Refrigeration
  • Interior Services. Design, Furniture, Office Fit Outs, Refurbishment
  • Energy Services. Energy Tariff Savings
  • GDPR Compliance
  • PAT Testing.

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