We provide dedicated digital design services

Web Design

With good web design, you are ready for anything with your online enterprises. Your website is where you welcome guests so you want an attractive site that is easy to navigate and which speaks for you in an effective manner. We have a skilled team who will create the website you need.


It is important to be found by the people who wish to buy from or connect with you and SEO is the key to being found by potential customers and clients. At Pentagon Facilities, we have an experienced team of SEO professionals who will ensure you rank highly for the most relevant terms and phrases.

Social Media

A social media presence is essential for firms these days. Social media is where you persuade potential customers, drive traffic to your site, develop relationships, enhance your brand and show that you are the expert that customers can trust. Our social media team help you connect with your audience.

Video & Animation

In the digital era, video is essential with an increasing level of online time being spent watching videos. You need high quality video content to connect with your audience and to tell your story. At Pentagon Facilities, we offer a high standard of video and animation services that are tailored to your needs and requirements.

Content Writing

Useful content achieves so much online. High quality content drives traffic to your site, it helps people connect with what you do, it showcases your products or services in the best way and it persuades people to take action or buy. Whatever sector you are in, superior quality content defines your brand and stands you apart from your peers, which is why you should trust Pentagon Facilities with your content.

Corporate Branding

Your brand is what people think of when they hear your name. This means you want a brand that is memorable, reliable and informs people that they will receive a high standard of service. Our branding specialists will meet with you and ensure we create a brand that your audience loves and connects with.

Print-Brochure Design

While online content and communication is important, you’ll find that offline communication remains vital. To make the best impression while ensuring you provide your audience with relevant information and guidance, rely on print brochure design services from a dependable firm. We offer eye-catching design that also conveys your message perfectly.